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Three Weeks Before

Notify your moving agent if there are any changes in the dates of your move. If you will need any additional services such as piano moving, packing and unpacking, or storage you should ask your moving agent for pricing information. Also let the moving agent know if you have made any additions to or subtractions from the original list of items outlined in your quote.

Decide how much packing you will handle yourself. You should inform your moving agent of any items that you have decided to let them pack for you.

If you have decided to move your vehicle with the moving agent or a car carrier, you should make your final reservation for a car pick up at this time.

Consider giving your houseplants to friends, family or charity if you are moving from one Province to another.

Make transportation arrangements for your pets. Take your pets to the Vet to ensure proper up to date health certificates and rabies inoculations. Ask your Vet for advice if you have any concerns about how well your pet will travel.

You will need to carry all valuable jewelry with you. If you have any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them before leaving.

Return any borrowed items such as library books. Also collect all items that are being repaired, stored, or cleaned (clothing, furs, shoes etc.).

If you are moving to a building with an elevator make sure the elevator will be available on your intended day and time of arrival at your destination.