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One Week Before

Separate any items you'll be taking with you from those that your moving agent will be handling, and mark your boxes with "Fragile", "Do Not Load" and "Load Last" stickers.

Make sure you haven't overlooked anything in the house including minor repairs and make sure that any chattels included in your buyer's offer are in good condition.

Give your kitchen appliances a final cleaning - if you are leaving them behind, place a box of baking soda inside once they're emptied to clear out any lingering odors.

Mow your lawn and weed the gardens one last time before your move, and sweep out the shed/garage.

Prepare items you will need while your belongings are in transit. Pack your suitcases and confirm travel arrangements for you and your family. Try to keep plans as flexible as possible in the event of unexpected delays or schedule changes.

Make sure your your REALTOR knows your new contact information. You should also provide an address and phone number of where you can be reached until you will get to your new home.

Make payment arrangements with your moving agent, and verify insurance for your shipment.

Settle any outstanding bills with local merchants, return videos and library books.

Gather keys, alarm codes, garage door openers and make arrangements to give them to your REALTOR or Lawyer.

If your house will be vacant for a period of time while sale arrangements are finalized, notify a local security company and have them keep an eye on the house.