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After the Move

Locate your local post office, police station, fire station and hospitals as well as gas stations near your home.

Get familiar with your neighborhood shopping areas. You may need housewares, tools or other items for your new home unexpectedly.

Call the department of sanitation in your new home to find out which day the trash is collected and what type of recycling programs are available in your community.

Find new service providers - pharmacist, dry-cleaners, housekeeping, cable television etc., if you have not already done so.

Contact your local Ministry of Transportation office if you have moved to a different Province to renew your driver's license and register your vehicle.

Provide your new doctor and dentist with your medical history.

Transfer insurance policies to your new agent. You may also wish to make a detailed list of your belongings, their value, and your coverage.

Obtain local library cards, video rental accounts etc.

Register to vote in your new city.